• Korkleder/Korkstoff - exklusive Farben - nachhaltig ansprechend und einfach zu verarbeitendes Material in Natur und bunten Farben
  • Ansprechende Arbeiten aus Korkleder/Korkstoff in exklusiven Farben von Jutta Hellbach
  • Textilkunstarbeiten von Jutta Hellbach
  • Bildende Kunst
  • Fertige und individuelle Thermofaxsiebe

"People" 2015




BERNINA International Communityproject 2015 "People"

In our everyday life we often find diverse notices, that are characterized by so-called pictograms. Mostly women or men are pointed out. I have been thinking now and then, how to transform these very simple and unassuming figures. Therefore I have bought licenses for two pictograms that will be used in this content. And they will be implemented as follows:


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